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Really Ghey™ Is Now On iPhone!! (And What’s More – It’s FREE!)

After over 4 months in development the first Really Ghey™ iPhone app is now ready for download! This has been a long time coming and if it wasn’t for the fact that I do actually have a ‘real’ job, the language barrier between cheap-ass overseas software programmers, and the total nightmare that is Apple’s approval process – it may well have been on your mobile devices a lot sooner. But hey none of that twaddle matters now : Apple got their asses into gear, the app is called iDemoteU, we are live on iTunes and you can go download it right away! If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and want to check it out here’s the link :

Download the FREE Really Ghey iPhone App NOW!

Click HERE for a YouTube tutorial video on how to use the app!

Potential questions? They may be answered here….

What does the Really Ghey iPhone app do?
Glad you asked. iDemoteU enables you to create your own ‘de-motivational’ pictures using either photos from your library (the ones already on your iPhone or iPad) or, you can snap a fresh one and insert it right into the app. See a freak walking down the street, passed out in the gutter, or maybe you are shopping in Wal-Mart – in which case just take a picture of absolutely anybody… add in your own witty title and hilarious caption then you’re good to go!

Ummm…then what do I do with it?
Once you use iDemoteU to create a de-motivational picture you can then do one, or more, of the following things :

1) Save the de-motivational to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
2) Email the de-motivational to your friends.
3) Export the de-motivational to Facebook! This will appear on your Facebook wall, in a photo album called ‘rg exporter‘. Share them on the Really Ghey™ Facebook page and we will all have a laugh.
4) Export the de-motivational to Twitter. iDemoteU will add your freshly created de-motivational picture to the Twitter feed of your choice.
5) Upload to the Really Ghey™ blog. If I like the de-motivational you have created, it may be included it as one of the 12 daily updates. Fame and fortune could soon be yours!

Before you jump in with both feet first – PLEASE take just a few minutes to READ THE USER GUIDE! It’s simple, quick and lays everything out so even an idiot can understand. I did write it after all 🙂 The main thing everyone seems to be missing is the pinch gesture inside the white frame. So many people are using the app and submitting pictures to me with the white bars left in – like here, here and here. These are fails – and will never get used on any of my webpages! As the user guide points out, once you import your picture into the app you must resize it using pinch gesture inside the white frame so it fits all nice! Then you can share and send me your cool de-motvationals!

Click HERE for the user guide with screenshots

Click HERE for a YouTube tutorial video on how to use the app!

I don’t have an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch! I hate Apple… Their hardware is rubbish and overpriced… Aren’t you bringing this app out on the Android platform?
Hey I hear you. Not everyone wants or likes Apple products and that is your god given right as free citizens on this planet. I have had this app ported over to the Android platform and it is coming soon! Those of you with Android handsets, give it a while and you will be able to make your own de-motivational pictures too!

So What Would You Like Us To Do Now?
Well please use iDemoteU and use it lots! Make loads of cool de-motivationals and send them to your friends, also upload them to me so I can maybe use them on my web page(s)! Please let all your friends who have iPhones, iPads and iPod touch’s know about iDemoteU! Also it would help me out a treat if you voted 5 stars for iDemoteU on iTunes! If any of you wanted to write a nice review for it as well this would also be great. Anything positive will help my rep on iTunes which can only do good for the app, and Really Ghey™ in general.

Download the FREE Really Ghey iPhone App NOW!

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